Women’s Bible Study


The Women’s Bible Study Group meets on Tuesdays (except the 2nd Tuesday of the month) in the Conference Room of HCCC. Social time begins at 9:30am, with a Bible study following until about 11am.  Members of the group volunteer each week to facilitate a particular lesson or bring something sweet from their kitchen to go with our coffee.

Winter 2017 will begin our study of the book of Isaiah. Our booklet is titled: “ISAIAH: TRUSTING GOD IN TROUBLED TIMES”. As the book describes what we will encounter, it states that “sometimes we look at our world and wonder what good could possibly come out of it. That’s exactly what we find in the book of Isaiah.  Here you’ll see how the prophet raises a cry for revival in the midst of a rotting society. And you’ll find comfort for your own troubles times.”
We will begin this study on January 3rd, looking at Isaiah 1 in Lesson 1, titled: “No More Rotten Religion!.” For January 17th , the lesson explores Isaiah 2: “Longing and Living for THAT DAY”. January 24th’s lesson is “A Song of Injustice” from Isaiah 5 and for January 31st.,from Isaiah 6 the lesson is titled:” Responding to God’s Call”.

The invitation to join us is open whenever you are able!  The coffee pot is on, and kitchen sweets await to be tasted!  We welcome you to share the Word and fellowship with us. Remember, it is always good to begin the day in God’s Word!

To learn more, please contact Linda Cummings at snowhite48@roadrunner.com.